Independence Day: or a Day for Rave Deprived Pakistani?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan got its independence as a result of partition of Indian subcontinent back in mid-20th century on August 14th, 1947 after a long struggle of our elders involved in freedom movement. The movement according to major historians was a result of collective efforts and sacrifices made by generations of that time.

Every year since the birth of Islamic nation, August 14th is commemorated as official ‘Independence Day’ throughout the country. Armed forces perform parades, hoist flags on government official sites, government officials conduct seminars, fireworks, etc. Amid many difficulties, wrong government policies and other issues our nation still celebrate this day with vigor patriotism and enthusiasm. Every home, shop, state buildings and commercial zone is seen with ‘national green crescent flag’ hoisted at top with buntings of white and green also making the scene more patriotic.

August 14th, is although a day to remember and celebrate all those struggles, hardships, Muslim-genocide, and sacrifices that helped Muslims of that time to get themselves separate homeland. These days (in month of August) many events, television transmissions and gatherings are carried out for purpose to engage citizens especially youth towards remembrance of freedom movement.

Apart from that we see a major fraction of youth on August 14th taking on streets like some type of ‘cult’ that is there only to ‘party’ and show off their customized vehicles, dancing skills, loud music and what not.

But this is not it, what we see in recent years is the addition of ‘baja’ (toy-horn) to the ‘14th August rave’ and off course more crowd on streets making them a venue for ‘tomorrow land’.

But the thing here needed to discuss is why our nation gets so wild on such festivals or celebrations or make them some rave event?

Well, my answer is that our nation is deprived of ‘party’ and ‘rave’. Pakistanis really need concerts, rave events, sports, live matches, places to relax like malls, resorts. Well cricket to some extent has returned but not everyone can afford expensive tickets or has matches played in his/her area, same is with concerts. Plus this pandemic has added salt to the wound. Our nation’s only entertainment ‘the restaurants’ were closed for dine in.

So, let’s hope that nothing bad happens and our authorities to comply with fun-deprived public on streetsYou may contact the writer at

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