Brain Drain

A wise man is considered to be one who learns from other’s experiences. One can get benefits and can surly avoid mishaps in field of LIFE. Unfortunately, all men in the world are not the wise and still many nations exist in the world surviving without wisdom. Brain is considered to be the most vital part of the body a minor disorder in any small part of the brain can affect the whole body; it can even paralyze certain parts. Pakistani nation is turning out to be a nation working without brain.
Pakistan is considered to be one of the richest countries in many fields. It has got the circulation of four weathers. It is blessed with the agricultural land, mountains, rivers and sea at the same time. Pakistan enjoys the most important geographical position in world. We have got the strongest army. All these are facts that we go by in everyday life on face book, news channels and course books but we deny to be benefited by all this in our practical life. Pakistan is considered to have world 4th young population which makes 59 million. According to the turbine Islamabad (25 December,2019) A total of 2,765,789 citizens, including 31,607 from Baluchistan, have proceeded abroad for employment opportunities over the last five years, state the latest figures released by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development. The Brain Drain is on the rise in Pakistan over the past two decades as more graduates opt to look towards a financially secure and comfortable lifestyle in another part of the world. UNESCO claims that the highly skilled migration rate of Pakistan increased by more than 60% from 1992 to 2000, which is an indicator of the alarming magnitude of brain drain in the country.

The objective of mentioning all these facts in 2016 are that situation is not much changed. I can say bluntly that youth is not leaving the country because they are not getting jobs they are leaving it because they want the job which they want. YOUTH, always related to energy, love, passion, beauty, grace, style, trend, aggression and future of a nation. When I think for a second and say Pakistani youth, I feel like saying dump, senseless, helpless creatures that need just need to settle down in life. Seeking a JOB is the only passion in life and there is one more thing apart from job search and it is an opportunity to leave the country at once. Very harsh it sounds? Believe you me from where I see a general student of any university, I see this as I defined. Many of us are trained in universities to produce job opportunities not to apply for one. All I want to say is start from your roots all over again, work hard, use your skills to make your own way. We do not belong to ancestors that depended upon others. Help yourself, search for what Allama Iqbal said “KHUDI” youth needs to wake up we cannot just listen to the stories of people returning from other countries saying that they have spoiled their here and here after by taking immigrations and growing their kids in an un-ethical environment. Hearing that an MBA working in restaurant, an M.Phil. at petrol pumps for survival is not enough learn from these experiences and be wise. If we can do all these odd jobs out of country, why can’t we do here? Why a young teacher needs government job only? Why can’t he open up a school in his sitting room? Why a young doctor needs an excellent pay and hospital? Why cannot he sit in a village and work? Why an MBA needs job in an air condition bank only? Why can’t he earn money by working at petrol pump and gather money to start an organization. The answer is that we want more………………. Will this satisfaction with little amount of money not enough that we are striving to save our country? Just as if your mother is ill will you leave her to die or take her to a doctor, our mother lad is also ill it needs a doctor and it’s youth it’s brain, you. Brain drain is not something to just talk dears, enough of GRE, enough of immigration queue; it needs to be worked out on reality grounds. I accept the situation is worst, there is no support but we need to rise as a nation we need to…. You are youth that knows no barriers just wake up and work hard Pakistan need you. You may contact the writer Mamoona Amin Ph.D Scholar

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