Why SHF?

SHF envisages to bring back what Pakistan has lost in terms of patriotism, humanity, knowledge of history and why Pakistan came into being in the first place. The community at large has been side tracked. The youth is unaware of the sacrifices and blood shed behind the foundation of this country. SHF plays an integral role in the community by working towards bringing back the lost values, traditions and customs.

The need of SHF arises as:

  • People lack the concept of community service
  • People are devoid of the sense of sacrifice
  • People lack empathy for fellow humans
  • The history behind the foundation of Pakistan have been forgotten


  • Create Pakistan’s largest student volunteer network that inspires patriotism.
  • Reminding the young generation of the sacrifices made for the country and encourage patriotism through our awareness campaigns.
  • Promote values and identity of Pakistan national flag.
  • Install monumental flags across major cities of Pakistan as part of the Flag Campaign.
  • Revisit history of the Pakistan Movement and promote respect for its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.
  • Strengthen and promote Pakistani national identity, values and culture.
  • Eliminate all kinds of prejudice across the country whether provincial, ethnic, religious, sectarian, linguistic or tribal and inculcate a spirit of unity, mutual respect and brotherhood.


  1. Spread the message to 1 MILLION school going children in 3 years
  2. Create mass awareness and a sense of belonging to the country
  3. Spend 100 Million for the social services of Pakistan

1 in 5 Pakistanis CAN NOT name Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the Founder of Pakistan

  • Unaware
  • Aware

11% Rise in Pakistanis who feel ashamed of being one

42% Pakistanis do not know the writer of the National Anthem

  • Unaware
  • Aware