Logo and Motto

The Colors of the Logo are Green and White, just as in the Pakistani Flag, representing that the minorities and Muslims are one under this Logo.

The Logo has two separate elements:

  1. Crescent and Star:
    This represents a portion of the Pakistani Flag, which symbolizes progress and light respectively.
  2. Hawk / Shaheen
    The Hawk is Iqbal’s mascot of “Khudi” or “Self”, which symbolizes a number of inspiring features: independence, self-respect, self-reliance, self-control, character and honor, courage, pride, lofty thinking, spiritualism over materialism, constant struggle and endurance/perseverance, and purity of soul and passion.

The Motto “Rehbar-e-Taraqqi-o-Kamal” translated as “The leader of progress and ascent” is taken from the National Anthem of Pakistan.

The name and motto taken together signify our ultimate goal:
“The Flag of the crescent and star leads the way to progress and perfection”