About Us.


The events that led to the creation of Pakistan are replete with unbelievable tales of both physical and emotional sacrifices. Pakistan was an outcome of untiring efforts of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and millions of Muslims of the Indian sub-continent. The father of the nation laid out his vision for a great Pakistan based on three simple, yet all-encompassing principles: Faith, Unity, and Discipline. But except a few early years, the nation has veered from the road paved by these principles, delving ever deeper into troubled waters.

Banking on the prowess of Pakistan’s youth, Sitara Hilal Foundation (SHF) aims to correct the country’s course. The principles that laid the foundations of Pakistan have turned into relics of the past. We aspire to turn them into traits that define the coming generations.


We feel that the association of Pakistani people with their national flag has become rather ethereal, with the flag now reduced to an adornment for our homes on key national events. The foundation aims to restore the people’s – especially young Pakistanis’— pride in the flag and what it represents for Pakistan. The foundation aims to invoke a relentless belonging to Pakistan among its people so that together we put Pakistan on the path of greatness it is destined for.


To become an unyielding source that inspires the love of the motherland in the coming generations of Pakistan.


To see a Pakistan where citizens put the country and its people first; love and protect Pakistan’s existence, and respect its values and foundations.