Need of Climate Education in Pakistan

Today, each and every country/region is facing a climate crisis which turned this into a global threat that has no borders and no limits. The multiple threats like global warming, rise in temperatures, sea levels, floods, glacier melting, deforestation, wildlife extinction, habitat destruction, carbon dioxide emissions are making this scenario worse and uncontrollable. All the climate activists and scientists eventually blame humans for all this. We are the first and last generation to witness this all, so it means the time is running out and we need urgent actions to tackle the challenges of the climate crisis. The United Nations has given 17

sustainable development goals to all countries to implement the targets until 2030. So, SDG 13 talks about climate action with 5 targets and 8 indicators.  Pakistan is lucky enough to achieve the targets of Climate action due to its emphasis on green initiatives and biodiversity conservation before the deadline of 2030. In this context, Pakistan can use the tool of education to start awareness campaigns at all schools, colleges and universities to understand the challenges of climate change to bring positive changes in the attitudes and behaviors of the young generation towards the environment degradation in the coming years.

In this ever-changing time, education has the power to make the miracles by addressing climate change effectively. Today. all the educational and curriculum policymakers should emphasis on the climate education and make it as a compulsory part of primary and secondary education.  

Italy was the first country to realize the importance of climate education and introduces it to their schools, followed by New Zealand, Finland and Norway.  Our Education Ministry must come forward to bring change in our curriculum and introduces climate education as a compulsory subject like Urdu, English, Islamiyah, Pak-Studies, and Science.  For curriculum implementation for climate education for each class level, the first step must be taken to train the teachers about the in-depth knowledge of climate change, environmental degradation, and other aspects. So, then teachers could engage the students at different grade levels in different interesting activities and come up with creative solutions for this burning issue.

We are in a critical situation of climate emergency because we have been listed on the 7th number in terms of environmental destruction and crisis. So, we need serious policies and actions in our educational system by the government. The government should also involve the private sector, commercial brands, and communities to invest their efforts and time for more joint ventures in solving the crisis. Many countries have started unique and innovation projects related to the climate crisis which is giving both social and economic benefits and thus becoming eco-friendly countries. We just need to come out of our denial mode and accept the crisis as real not a rumor/hoax. Climate education is not related to science subjects only or merely scientists should be concern about it but it is our moral and social responsibility to protect our environment in a safer and healthier way for our future generations.    You may contact the writer at:

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  1. Farooq-e-Azam July 17, 2020

    I think to give education is a long term process.
    What about today?
    What about government policies?I think need of the hour is to enforce strict policies to ensure the results that we needed.

  2. Sidra sarwer July 17, 2020

    Climate change education is so important for coping with climate crisis. So i think climate education will make a part of our school level.

  3. Sidra Faiz July 18, 2020

    This article is very informative.

  4. Sidra Faiz July 18, 2020

    I think PM Imran khan wanted to arise our young generation toward jihad .as a muslim he wanted to motivate our generation if we want anything to reach our goal we can achieve it by our devotion .today our youth has forgotten their history ,customs and islam.

  5. Sidra Faiz July 18, 2020

    This article proved very informative to me.

  6. Sidra Faiz July 18, 2020

    According to my opinion PM Imran Khan wanted arose *jazba e jihad* in our youth.our youth have forgotten our heritage ,customs specially islam

  7. Sidra Faiz July 18, 2020

    Due deforestation world climate is changing day by day

  8. Sidra Faiz July 18, 2020

    Only solution to this problem is A-forestation.

  9. Sidra Faiz July 18, 2020

    Industries are also destroying our climatic conditions

  10. Sidra Faiz July 18, 2020

    Government ,semi Government and foremost our generation should participate in planting of trees.for our future generation.

  11. Zac August 1, 2020

    Hey, how can I write an article on this platform?

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