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Young Leader’s Camp 2020

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Following the Young Leader’s Camp 2019, Sitara Hilal Foundation is back with the “Young Leader’s Camp 2020.”

The aim of the Young Leader’s Camp 2020 is to instill values of unity and foster the love of our motherland in today’s youth, with a special focus on behavioral management techniques after the Covid-19 pandemic.

*This Year Young Leader’s Camp 2020 was not much different to YLC 2019 in terms of values and ethics because like it is popularly said, ethics and equity don’t change with the calendar.*
*Young Leader’s Camp 2020 was designed to promote our cultural values among today’s youth. A set of activities was designed accordingly. Although outdoor activities couldn’t be planned due to the COVID-19 situation, our mentors once again gave their best and the students solely enjoyed this one week’s duration of the camp. This year the students were briefed about the History of Pakistan which is a mandatory part of every year’s curriculum. It is done to ensure that no important event goes under-appreciated & that the students know all their forefathers’ struggles.*

1. Cultural Talks
2. Meet up with National Hero’s
3. Character &; Leadership development
4. Islamic Dua’s
5. Reuse and Recycling
6. Behavioral management techniques: Impact of COVID 19
7. Plantations and Solar Baking


September 14, 2020 12:00 am UTC+5
September 14, 4070 11:59 pm UTC+5
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