Blue Pottery Tea Set



In Punjab area of Pakistan, specially Multan – one of the Indian subcontinent’s oldest cities, famous blue or “Kashi” pottery craftsmanship is still alive.  This craft was originally influenced by the Central Asian art and may have originated from the city of Kashgar, in western China.  But over a period of centuries, Kashi work in Multan developed its own unique, indigenous style.  The mausoleum of Shah Rukn-e-Alam and the shrines of Shah Ali Akbar and Shah Yousuf Gardezi that are located in Multan, all incorporate tiles exhibiting classic Kashi work, conspicuous in blue pottery.
Blue Pottery Tea Set
kettle :1
Milkpot :1
sugarpot :1
Cups : 6
saucer :6
Due to sensitivity of the product COD is available only in Lahore
Delivery charges 400