1- Curriculum

As part of the school curriculum and seminars for the youth, SHF will be doing the following:

  • Distribute content that promotes love for Pakistan.
  • Set weekly and monthly targets for students to perform community service.

Arrange patriotic activities for kids of all ages.
(for example coloring flags for grade 1 students)

2- Pakistani Memorabilia E-store

Sitara Hilal Foundation also plans to set up the country’s first Pakistani branded memorabilia and souvenir E-store which will provide the opportunity to a lot of vendors to market their unique products to a large audience. The proceeds from this project will be used for the social welfare projects in Pakistan.

3- Flag Campaign

This initiative by SHF will use crowdfunding on-line and on-ground to raise funds to install the largest monumental flags in Pakistan’s major cities as a symbol of unity and patriotism, and as a local tourist attraction on national occasions.

4- Celebration of National Days