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Quaid Week 2019

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Sitara Hilal Foundation has strived to promote patriotism in the country’s youth since the day its foundation was laid down. Various platforms were used earlier to spread our message of unity in today’s youth.

Sitara Hilal Foundation aimed to celebrate and promote the love of Quaid in today’s youth on his birthday, to help them realize the importance of 25 December and to put light to what Quaid did for us. December 25 is celebrated as a public holiday annually hence; a longer extensive event of 4 days was planned at the University of Management and Technology.

Highlights of the events are mentioned below:

The first day of the event was a success. President UMT and Founder SHF Ibrahim Murad inaugurated the ceremony. Students were invited from UMT Debating Club for debates in accordance with our theme that was Quaid’s message of Unity, Faith, and discipline. Day 1 attracted a lot of audiences as the UMT students were eager to see what the hype of this event was about. Different food and cultural stalls were displayed around the campus, which was covered on UMT TV’s platform.

Day 2 had its own pros and cons. Performances were done by the UMT symphony club as planned. Highlights of this day were that the audience was given an open choice and platform which resulted in a lot of students performing various national songs and poetry. Students from TKS and ILM were invited but they failed to show up however we had an active audience the entire day. All other activities were done spontaneously. As a result, around 150 students signed up to become the Friends of SHF, and many-showed profound interest in becoming permanent volunteers of the foundation.

Students from ILM College were invited on day 3. They were warmly welcomed by team SHF and were showed around our stall and UMT campus. Day 3 was also focused on Director Special Project Sir Zahid Warraich’s speech. They were also taken to our calligraphy stall whether they were freely offered to get their names designed freely by our artists. Later they were shown around the food stalls for refreshments arranged by SHF. A pleasant response was received from them in form of various speeches done by their students. Later they were invited to the stage to give feedback in form of video messages and pictures and willingly volunteered to join us in our future events.

Day 4 started with a cultural folk dance by the Sindhi community students of UMT, which set high morale for the day.  Rector UMT Dr. Muhammad Aslam was invited for the closing ceremony and cake cutting ceremony, which was a triumph in itself. UMT drama club’s performance also gathered a lot of attention through their iconic play. Their play ‘rang’ was loved and highly

appreciated by the audience in form of loud applauds as it was focused on the Hindu-Muslim struggle and sacrifices made by Quaid and his week during the year of Independence.

It is markedly right to say most of our targets were achieved for this event. Wonderful feedback was received from the audience. This event majorly aided in spreading cognizance about our work among the UMT students.


December 23, 2019 12:00 am UTC+5
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